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Brilliance Advanced Beauty Education

Elleebana Official IN PERSON One Shot Lash Lift Certification Training with CE / CEU Hours

Elleebana Official IN PERSON One Shot Lash Lift Certification Training with CE / CEU Hours

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In Person Training

Elleebana Official IN PERSON One Shot Lash Lift Certification Training with CE / CEU Hours.

This Certification Course is organized by Brilliance Advanced Beauty Education, LLC.

Your selected educator and official Elleebana trainer will be working alongside you throughout the course, and assessing your case studies. Ā Once purchased, you will be contacted by the trainer within 24 hours.


Elleebana is the worldā€™s most popular lash lift and lamination system, globally recognised and trusted by leading experts in over 60 countries.Ā OurĀ education program has been crafted by our award winning team,Ā bringing you over 20 years combinedĀ experience in the lash and brow industry. Otto Mitter, managing director of Elleebana is a regular speaker and competition judge on theĀ global circuit for eyelash extensions and lift/lamination competitions, conferences and exhibitions. At Elleebana we thrive on sharing ourĀ experience and expertise with ourĀ students and over the years Elleebana has helped to create the next generation of beauty influencers and leaders in theĀ lash industry.

This course arms you with the detailed concept of lash lifting as well as the hidden tips to mastering your technique to achieve the perfect lift each and every time.Ā  Our theory session commences with product knowledge and understanding of the delicate eye area that you are working with, contraindications and how to consult for this treatment.

Snacks will be provide breakfast and snacks šŸ˜Š Please email your trainer with any dietary restrictions or allergies.


  • 9:00 AMĀ ArrivalĀ 
  • 9:15 AM - 11:15 AMĀ Theory Breakdown
  • 11:15 AM - 12:15 PMĀ Trainer DemonstrationĀ 
  • 12:15 PM - 12:45 PMĀ LunchĀ 
  • 12:45 PM - 2:15 PMĀ Model 1Ā 
  • 2:15 PM - 3:45 PMĀ Model 2
  • 3:45 PM - 4:15 PMĀ ClosingĀ 


710 W Fayette Ave. Suite B Effingham, IL 62401


ā€¢Ā Science of Lash Lifting including topics on active ingredients and the ingredient trends, functions of formulas and the chemistry elements
ā€¢ Understanding lash lift adhesives

ā€¢ Eye anatomy, hair and lash texture theory
ā€¢ Profitability and income potential of lash lift services
ā€¢ Client/technician well-being and self-care
ā€¢ Health, safety and sanitation ā€“ for your clients and for yourself
ā€¢ Detailed step-by-step application procedure and how to master your technique
ā€¢ Advanced processing times explained
ā€¢ Product information, usage and storage guidelines
ā€¢ Consultation, contraindications, patch testing, reactions and the importance of indemnity and legal requirements such as insurance
ā€¢ Eye shapes and face considerations and key tips to craft the perfect lift for your client
ā€¢ Elleebana facial acupressure for a new approach to client experience

ā€¢ Advanced procedure on lash lift reversal
ā€¢ Lower lash relaxation
ā€¢ReGen and Extreme Styling Shields
ā€¢ After-care advice and the benefits of retail products explained
ā€¢ In-depth marketing strategies for business growth and success
ā€¢ How to capture award winning images for social media promotion
ā€¢ Our secrets on how to win lash lift competitions from the judgeā€™s perspective
ā€¢ Frequently asked questions with detailed explanations
ā€¢ Case study submissions outlined


One Shot Lash Lift Starter Kit

Elleeplex ReGen Next-Gen

Elleebana Eye Pads

Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare


Certification (upon completion and approval of 5 case studies)

Lash Lift Training Manual

Marketing Advice (social media, editing apps, photo tips)

Theory Breakdown

Elleebana Indemnity & Consent Form

Live Demonstration

Live Model Practice (2 models)

Resources on where to buy product

Lifetime Support

***Tint is not included in the kit, but will be demoed and provided for you to use on your models

*Elleebana certification courses are beginner and advanced artist friendly*

BEFORE YOU BUY: (please read)

**You must have an activeĀ CosmetologyĀ orĀ EstheticsĀ license to take this course**

All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Class dates can be transferred to an alternate date to accommodate a conflict in scheduling.

You must complete at least 5 passable case studies within 90 days of your class date to receive certification

You will also be responsible for providing two models to work on during class. If you are unable to provide models, please send me an email and I will make arrangements for you.

*****Please email a copy of your license to:Ā

Our courses are forĀ allĀ beauty and wellness professionals. Some beauty and wellness professionalsĀ are required by the government to complete Continuing Education (CE/ CEU) hours to maintain their license. We work with several state boards to be a provider to offer this option. This information is below.

Any beauty or wellness professional can benefit from our educational courses. All professionals that enroll and complete the course will receive a certificate.

Continuing Education Approved for:

Below is the list of CE Hour approval. As with all continuing education, it is understood that the wellness provider is responsible for verifying that information provided in courses is within the wellness providerā€™s state and/or local scope of practice as defined by law. In addition, course participants should be advised that additional training and education is required to be truly proficient in any topic. Once course is complete, wellness provider will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Cosmetologists, Hair Braiders, Barbers, Natural Hair Care Specialists: 10 HoursĀ (7 in person & 3 online) Illinois , 6 Hours Iowa, 8 Hours Nebraska, 8 Hours North Carolina

  • Estheticians, Makeup Artists: 10 HoursĀ (7 in person & 3 online) Illinois, 6 Hours Iowa, 8 Hours Nebraska, 8 Hours North Carolina

  • Beauty Educators: 10 Hours (7 in person & 3 online) Illinois

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