Ways to Do Our Part to be Eco-Friendly

Ways to Do Our Part to be Eco-Friendly

In honor of Earth Day yesterday, it felt like a great time to give some tips how we can be more earth and eco-friendly in our career and lives. Everyday should be earth day as this is our home.

Some things we can do at work would be to waste less. Don’t overuse product. Recycle where we can. There are many things we can do in our career or workspace to be more eco-friendly and do our part.

 In your community you can also get involved by joining events like walks or 5ks that the proceeds go to Earth friendly companies that make an impact. You can also make a direct donation yourself to reputable companies to offset your carbon footprint.

Another tip is to get out with some gloves and garbage bags and clean up your own town. You can do this alone or organize an event. Unfortunately, between litterbugs and the wind taking people’s garbage on a windy day before the garbage pickup there is no shortage of trash to pick up off the sides of roads or in rivers, ponds, lakes, or oceans.

Planting a tree can be an offset for the many taken down every year. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can make your career more eco-friendly you can check out our course here.

I encourage you to get creative with other ways to put in some effort and lead by example. We can all make a difference, and we should be doing this more than once a year. Take a small step every day to do your part.

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