This Tip is Worth GOLD 🌈

This Tip is Worth GOLD 🌈

In this brief blog post, I am going to share a tip with you I believe is worth GOLD. I have been doing quite a bit of traveling lately. I have noticed this trend I am about to share with you more than ever with airlines, hotels, Airbnb and restaurants. It’s time to bring it and refresh it to our industry. Maybe you are already incorporating some or all of this, but if you aren’t this will bring a new level of service to your clients. This tip will make your schedule more effective and your income increase.

This simple tip is asking. First let me use it in the context with the travel I have experienced. For the airlines, they are now asking ahead of time but after purchase: do you want to upgrade your flight cabin for X? Do you want to pre-order your checked bags? Do you want to pre-order snacks? I also saw you can reserve your space ahead of time at one of the airport lounge clubs for an extra fee. For hotels, they are asking if you want to upgrade your room. Do you want to check in early (for a fee)? Etc… Restaurants are the kings of upselling – would you like our signature drink? How about an appetizer? Side salad or soup? Don’t forget about dessert.

Let’s bring this back to our industry. If you see you have a gap in your day, ask your clients that you are already seeing - I happen to have an opening after you did you need any other services today- perhaps an eyebrow wax (or fill in the blank of the service or upgrade)? So many times, it skips their mind to book it, or they were thinking they need it but assume you don’t have time today. Or maybe they have mentioned they would like to try another service you offer sometime but haven’t booked it yet. This is a great opportunity for the client to be able to try it. If you have the ability and time, you can also reach out to clients ahead of time either the day of or a couple days out if you have availability to see if they would like to add any additional services while they are with you. In this scenario if the client does want additional services, you have helped them out and created a busier schedule.

Another tip to fill these openings is to reach out to clients that you haven’t seen in a while or have a hard time fitting in your schedule. Sometimes those last-minute opportunities work out for your client.

This tip can also be utilized with products. Ask them I know you purchased X, how is that working for you? Do you need to grab another one while you are here? Or you can offer them a different or additional product that you would be helpful for their needs. Be sure when you are consulting and talking to your clients that you are really listening. Many times, they will tell you what they are wanting and needing.

While this tip may not work 100% of the time, it surely will help you accommodate your clients, fill your schedule, and create more income. Remember the answer is always no if you don’t ask. Come from a place of authenticity and service for your clients. I challenge you to try this tip today!

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