The Importance of Soft Skills in our Careers

The Importance of Soft Skills in our Careers

It is a fact we must be good at our technical skills in order to do our jobs as beauty and wellness professionals. However, many people overlook the soft skills required to do our jobs successfully.

According to, soft skills are non-technical skills that describe how you work and interact with others. Soft skills were most likely not taught in your educational curriculum anywhere on your journey thus far. However, these skills are so essential in our professional and personal lives. For example, this is how we communicate with others, negotiate, empathetically listen or our level of friendliness, this is where our reliability, delegation and team building come into play and much more.

Many times, these skills can be developed by life experience. But for many of us this is a journey and practice that comes from seeking information, learning, slowing down enough to pay attention and observe. Then the next step to this is implementation and applying it to our lives. This set of skills is ever changing and evolving as our lives, our industry, our world all changes.

Numerous studies show that having good soft skills is crucial for success. I like to think we are all a work in progress. At B.A.B.E., we have created many courses to help you with these soft skills. These courses have been developed with our studies and knowledge that we also work at and practice regularly.

If you feel this an area, you could work on in your life, and pretty much all of us could and should, browse our courses and see what speaks to you. We have a live virtual workshop (with replay available) coming up Mastering Emotional Intelligence and Cultivating Profound Interpersonal Skills LIVE Virtual Workshop that could be very insightful and provide you some tools on where to get started.

Also, feel free to message us if you need some direction. We are here for you and believe these skills can help us all be a stronger community together.

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