Steps To Take When Bringing On Something New

Steps To Take When Bringing On Something New

Considering bringing on something new? It could be a new service, machine, product, or something else entirely.

Our industry comes up with new things all the time. It can be very easy to want to do all the new sparkly trends. Jumping on every trend can lead you and your clients to overwhelm. You would likely spend a ton of money and have a lot of different education and supplies to keep up with. In this blog post we will provide some tips for whenever you are considering bringing on something new.

First and foremost, do your research. What is involved? Do you need more education and training? What are the expenses? What does it cost per service? Does it make sense for your clientele? Does it make sense for your goals?

Experience the service. Try it out. Is this what you expected? Have your feelings changed at all? Ask the professional performing it what they like and don’t like? Is it aggressive on your body? Do their clients like it? Are they seeing success with it? Also, pay attention to the space needed. Does this make sense for your space? What would you have to do to bring it on? Think of all the logistics. Does it need to be quiet? Do you need a ventilation system? Do you need to be well temperature or humidity controlled? Does it matter what floor you are on?

If you are still moving forward with bringing this on, this might be a good time to ask your clients if they will be interested in this. Perhaps do a survey and offer a small incentive to have them complete it if you need.

When moving forward be sure to next get the proper training and the education. Practice and work on people if you need. Practice talking about it with clients until you feel comfortable and confident.

Next, consider how will you market it? Will you be announcing this to your clients? Send it out in an email. Post it on your social media. Maybe have an event or open house featuring this. Post in local social pages. Pass out flyers. Utilize social media or google ads. Come up with a plan.

I hope this provides you a glimpse of some of the process to determine if starting something new is right for you and your clients. By taking the time to complete the process, it may help eliminate something that is just not a good fit for you, your clients, and your goals.

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