Staying Focused & Aligned in Your Career

Staying Focused & Aligned in Your Career

This week marks 22 years as an esthetician for myself. I have learned so much and there has been so many changes to our industry. A few years back I was featured in a magazine. The last question of my interview was: “Where do you see your industry in 5 years?” My answer was: “I can’t even imagine the answer. My industry is so ever evolving, it is likely something I can’t have possibly thought could happen.”

As an esthetician for 22 years, I can tell you so many things have changed since I was in school. It’s truly quite amazing. The technology of our world is ever changing. Naturally our industry being so strong and financially lucrative, that technology spills into our world.

 Having said that it is quite easy to get shiny object syndrome. There are new tools, products, treatments launching all the time. It is easy to get overwhelmed. I am happy to share some tips on how to cut back on some of this overwhelm and keep you focused.

 If you see something that interests you, I recommend doing the research.

  • What is the company like?
  • Does it align with what you are aiming for?
  • Is your space equipped for it? (Spaciousness, dark, light, quiet, loud, etc…)
  • Will your clients like it?
  • Go experience whatever “it” is somewhere. Ask the technician all the questions- Do they like it? Do they see results? Is it invasive on their body as a service provider? How much training is involved? Would they do it again? Do their clients like it? Did you like “it”?
  • Can you see yourself still doing “it”? How long does it take?
  • Does it financially make sense?

 If after answering these questions it still aligns, take the next step in advancing with your choice.

 If you offer a wide variety of services you must keep up with all the trainings, knowledge, products, tools and more for each service you offer.

Another way to reduce your overwhelm is to decide what you enjoy and have a niche. By having a niche, you can simplify your menu, your tools, and your education. You can market and work with your ideal client. You can master your craft and collaborate with others who offer other services to refer to each other. 

Having a niche helps you make sure the choices you make are aligned with your goals and values. By doing so, you are not offering products or treatments you dread. In turn, you will be offering what you are most passionate about to your clients. This will create a better environment for you to keep up with learning and for your clients to receive the best treatments. If you are interested in having a niche, but don’t know where to begin check out our Finding Your Perfect Client & Your Niche & Why It's Important Course.

These tips can help you when considering adding a new tool, product, or treatment to your career. Staying focused on what makes sense for your clients, your career, your goals, and your values will help guide you to success.

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