Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Workspace!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Workspace!

This time of year, many people get the urge to do some spring cleaning. This is a great opportunity to “spring clean” at work as well. Whether you are an employee or self-employed keeping our workspace fresh and clean is very important.

Deep cleaning this can include base boards, ceilings, and corner cobwebs, professionally clean any carpets or floor mats, windows, refrigerator, etc… 

It can be a great time to pull out the contents of drawers and closets. Not only do we want to clean these spaces, but it is also an opportune time to evaluate what is not being used – do you want to keep it? Sell it? Give it another try?

For any broken items or badly worn items it may be time to discard and replace those items if needed.

You may even find products or supplies that was misplaced that you can use.

If you are employee, verify with your boss before throwing things away or selling items. By taking the time to help clean the space will show your dedication to your career and the business.

Before just putting everything back in drawers or closets, is there a way you can better organize your supplies and products? Taking time to have things organized will save you time when you are looking for things. It could potentially also save you money because you will know where it is versus having to just buy more.

Make sure when you are taking the time to spring clean that you are looking through the eyes of the client. If items are stained, ripped, dirty and worn out that can give a negative impression. It may be time to replace these items. If you need to replace things and are on a tight budget you can watch for sales or buy things gently used through estate sales, consignment stores, marketplaces, etc…

This can also be a great time to rearrange your set up if you desire. Make your space inviting to your clients.

If you own your own business, spring cleaning can also pertain to things in your business – menu items, hours, policies, pricing, etc… This is a great time to adjust everything in your business.

Spring cleaning can make you feel refreshed. This can also bring an overall calmer feeling into the entire workspace and with your clients. 

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