Making the Best of Some Downtime

Making the Best of Some Downtime


Making the best of some downtime

 If you find yourself in some downtime while working, but really feel that you need to be working, there are many little things that you can do to be productive with that time. Working on your practice or business is just as important as working in it.

Most of these suggestions can be worked on whether you work for someone or for yourself. By working on your practice or business you can make everything run more efficiently. This time allows you the opportunity to see your practice or business from the client’s perspective. Additionally, it’s a great time to evaluate where improvements should be made, the time to set goals and check in with your previous goals.

Here are some suggestions of what you can do with some downtime. These ideas can be rotated if you don’t have the ability to work through all these suggestions at once.

 Physical Steps:

  • Deep cleaning! Keeping your space clean is key.
  1. Are there cobwebs on the corners and ceiling?
  2. How about dust on the baseboards?
  3. Inside and outside windows clean?
  4. Is the bathroom spotless?
  5. Is the entryway or clients waiting area in proper condition?
  6. Is your retail products dusted? 
  • Fluffing! Does your space need a fluffing?
  1. Should any walls be touched up with paint?
  2. Is anything broken that should be replaced?
  3. Are there stains or tears on a chair or sheets? If so, perhaps consider replacing or recovering.
  • Declutter! Are there things you can eliminate in your space?
  1. Are there expired newsletters or magazines for clients to read?
  2. How about expired product or retail products? While evaluating this, if you find you are nearing a time that some products will go to waste perhaps give them away or put them on as a feature or discounted amount. You will want to only do this if your client will have a true opportunity to use it before it expires. Giving a client product that will be expiring or expired can give a bad impression of you.
  3. Are there any tools or supplies you don’t believe you will use? Perhaps selling them online if in good condition is an option.
  4. Could you eliminate furniture that makes your treatment area or waiting area feel cluttered? If you aren’t feeling confident that you want to get rid of something, try removing it for 30 days. See how you feel after that time. I bet you don’t even miss it or notice it’s gone.
  • This can also be a great time to take inventory. What do you need to reorder?
  1. Supplies
  2. Retail Items
  3. Essentials – toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc…
  4. Gift bags, Gift Cards, Menus, Business Cards, etc…


Behind the Scenes Steps


  • Carry on the Decluttering! In your social media handles, delete followers that you know are bots. You can eliminate any manufacturers for tweezers that you “allowed” to follow you. While you don’t want to lose followers, these people will never support you and could be hurting your metrics.


  • Evaluate your bio in your social media handles.
    1. Is everything current?
    2. Could you update anything?
    3. Do any links work and are correct?
  • Let’s look at your website next!
      1. Is everything current?
      2. Are there any spelling errors?
      3. Are the prices correct?
      4. Do all links work and to the correct location?
      5. Can you remove anything?
      6. Are you hours correct?
      7. Does your contact information or location need updating?
      8. Can you add some testimonials?
  • Client contact list! Ask your clients if they need to update their contact information.


  • Evaluate your advertising!
    1. Is it working?
    2. Can you plan out some content for the future?
    3. If it is not working, what is working? Or what can you do differently?
  • Goals!
    1. Have you set goals?
    2. If so, this a great time to evaluate them. What is working what is not?
    3. If you haven’t set goals, this is a great time to set some?
    4. Have you achieved your goals? Set some new ones!!
  • Education! Lifelong learning is key! Our industry is ever changing. We always encourage taking educational courses. There are courses on technique, new services, products or business geared courses. Taking courses can teach you something new, provide more confidence and rekindle motivation.

It is also really important to note, we HIGHLY recommend taking some much-needed rest and self-care when we experience any downtime. There may be more steps on your to do list. Perhaps not all of these apply to you. That is ok. This list may feel overwhelming. Just remember this can be a guide you can reference as the opportunity presents itself to keep you practice or business in check. Taking it one step further to be assured your business or practice is in check, you can mark your calendar twice a year or quarterly to just check in on these steps.

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