How to Get Comfortable with Doing Lives on Social Media

How to Get Comfortable with Doing Lives on Social Media

Doing lives, showing your face, and creating reels on social media is clearly a major trend and makes the algorithm happy…. at the moment.  If you follow us on Instagram, you likely see I do some lives occasionally. Many people ask how do you get over being nervous going on live. The short answer is…. You just do it.

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear. Looking back, I remember clearly as an Elleebana Master Trainer at the time, being forced to do lives for my fellow 100 trainers. The nerves I would have.

The reality is whoever your audience is they love you and support you. So many times, they hop on and are exciting to say something kind and engage. I know you are worried you may fumble on your words or mess up. First and foremost, we are not robots. We are human and we all fumble on our words…. especially when nervous. Truly I find people either don’t notice, don’t say anything or as you may see with mentors you follow that they appreciate the rawness and realness. Give yourself grace.

You can do pre-recorded videos too. However, I recommend just planning out what you want to say, maybe have notes, and just do it. Pretend that you are just talking to a friend. If no one hops on, you may be grateful for that, but rest assured people will view the replay. The more you do it the more comfortable you will get with being on camera and those nerves will dissipate. You can do this! Do one this week and tag us or send it to our dm and let us know how it went. We believe in you!

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