Getting Ahead of the Holiday Season

Getting Ahead of the Holiday Season

We have just entered the month of October and the beginning of the last quarter. I can’t speak for you, but I feel the last couple months of the year always seem to sneak up on me and gain momentum. Before I know it, I am in the New Year looking back thinking “wow where did the last couple months go?”. 

Time is our non-replenishable resource. We want to enjoy the time we have. To try to space out the chaos of the upcoming seasons by planning ahead. What do you want to do professionally and personally? Make a list.

If you are self-employed brainstorm what you will be doing in your business. If you work for someone, brainstorm with your boss or work team. Will you be offering a Black Friday special? Will you offer a holiday added value or gift for clients? Have you stocked up on gift cards? Will you be doing a mailer? Preplan any emails or social media posts. Are there events you will be participating in for work? Will you be offering additional holiday gift retail options?

One thing I have successfully done in my career during the holiday season is the 12 days of December – offering an exclusive offer announced on each day for that day only for clients. It’s a great way to get in the spirit and create excitement.

Another thing I have successfully done is sent all my clients that visited me in the last year a postcard for New Years- wishing them a happy new year and a great year ahead. I include a small discount for them to use as a token of my gratitude towards the service of their choice between then and early March before it gets busier. This provides a gift to my clients and encourages them to come in for a visit in the least busy time of the year. With these postcards, I like to order them early giving me plenty of time to slowly prepare them.

In your personal life, you can plan out what are things you really would like to do ahead of time. Then when other invitations come in you can decide if that will work with your schedule, but at least you have what you desire to do most planned ahead. Of course, you can shop ahead for any gifts you may need. Consider are there any foods you can make or order ahead of time to simplify your task list?

One last tip is to be sure to allow for space for fun and rest. The busyness of the holiday season can be a lot and we want to be sure to get in good food, water, and plenty of rest to be able to enjoy the season.

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