Do You Celebrate Galentine's or Valentine's Day at Your Work?

Do You Celebrate Galentine's or Valentine's Day at Your Work?

With the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, you should consider if you will be marketing to celebrate the holiday. While many feel it is a “Hallmark Holiday” and some choose not to celebrate, I personally feel any time we are honoring the chance to be kind, spread love and love on ourselves and others, it’s a win. Many people seek treatments with us to do just that. So what better way to take part in this holiday?

Some small things you can do would be decorate your space with flowers, hearts, or anything valentine related. If you offer gift cards, and you should, it would be wise to be sure you have plenty in stock to offer customers and maybe add some pretty packaging to it. Remember, you should market and remind clients that you offer gift cards. You can have a sign stating gift cards are available, send out email reminders, post on social media, and when checking them out you can ask if they needed any gift cards today.

Some professionals incorporate a seasonal inspired service and offer seasonal inspired products. This is a chance to get creative and keep your clients inspired as to what is new in your offerings. Having experiences and products that are for a limited time can create a sense of fomo and urgency for your clients to take advantage of the opportunity while they can.

What angle will you be marketing? Food for thought on who you will market to. You can choose to go the traditional route of “doing something special for your romance partner.” You can also add in marketing to treat your bestie galentine – that could be a friend, family member, coworker or whoever they choose.

One thing to consider when planning what you will do for this holiday, or any holiday is to pay attention does this portion of your sales change depending on the day the holiday lands? Growing up my father was a floral wholesaler. He would sell flowers to the florists. The sales would tremendously change depending on the day the holiday would land during a week. For example, if Valentine’s Day was a weekday the sales were generally much higher because flowers are often sent to work. On the flipside when Valentine’s Day landed on a weekend flower sales would be less. From what I have heard, similarly but different, restaurants do better when Valentine’s Day is on the weekend.

Taking all that into consideration another opportunity to celebrate and connect with your clients is to host a small event. This event could be on the holiday or just before. For such an event you can keep it simple or you can collaborate with other businesses like a caterer, florist, bakery,  chocolatier,  etc…

For an added small touch for your client experience you could work with a florist to include a single rose, carnation, or other flower to go with the purchase of a gift card. Alternatively, or in addition, you can also do the same with a bakery including a truffle or treat. Get creative.

Capturing this holiday and spreading love to your community and clients can be rewarding. We hope these tips provided you some inspiration to bring back to your career.

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