Creating a Blog to Grow Your Business

Creating a Blog to Grow Your Business

Creating a blog can help grow your business. By having a regular blog post, you can connect with your clients providing them with different information. It is important to be consistent with your postings.

The benefits are:

  • You can provide your clients with valuable information.

  • You can discuss what is happening at your business and in the community.

  • You can show up as a trusted source for your clients.

  • Staying connected with your clients. Having a blog post to share will provide them with a reminder that you are there for them even when they haven’t been in to visit for a while.

  • Having a blog can help you more findable through the internet.

Some things you can cover are in a blog:

  • What is happening in your business – for example: new products, new employees, new services, different hours, holidays, specials, events, different policies, how and where to connect with you, etc…

  • What is happening in your community- for example: any collaborations you are with, special events or festivals, share if you are volunteering, fellow business spotlight, etc…

  • Product feature - educate your client what the product is, who it is for, how to use it, expected results, etc…

  • Service feature – educate your client on what the service is, who it is for, what to expect, etc…

  • Share with them any behind the scenes of any trainings you are doing.

  • Any fads that are happening that you would like to educate your clients on.

  • Pre appointment prep and aftercare information.

  • Get creative – there is so many things you can talk about.

Just as you may recycle content and information on social media, don’t be afraid to reuse blog posts after some time. Many times, the message won’t get to everyone, and it never hurts to be refreshed of what you are sharing.

When you get a new client directing them to your blog to check out more information can be an added benefit to learn more about you, your knowledge and what you offer. Utilizing a newsletter or blog has so many benefits and will help you stay connected. This is a low-cost way of connecting to your clients. If you don’t offer this already, we encourage you to give it a try.

Creating a blog can help you grow your business. In this blog post you will hear some of the ways that having a blog can be beneficial to your career. You will also be provided several ideas on what to post about. 

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