Communication with Clients

Communication with Clients


Communication with clients is so important. By having great communication, clients will have proper expectations and will not be surprised or caught off guard.Here are some simple steps to take to make your communication simple and seamless, while saving you time.

Some types of communication can be automated if you have a system in place. We do recommend you find a system that will work for you and use it to automate some communication and tasks in your practice. Otherwise, you could be wasting valuable time completing simple tasks when you could be seeing your clients instead.


Here are a few ways to communicate well with your clients:


  • Have autoreplies on your email, social handles, texting (if applicable), booking system, etc…


  • On those autoreplies, tell them how else to communicate better with you or redirect them. For example: if they are looking to make an appointment, redirect them and let them know how they can book directly on your website. Or if they are looking for what you offer / pricing, redirect them to your website menu.


  • Have set business hours to communicate. Respond to your clients within those hours, but also as soon you have the opportunity. It is best to respond asap, but definitely within 24 hours. It’s ideal not to break your business hours of contact for strong boundaries. Additionally, it is appropriate to be sensitive to contacting clients too early or too late.  Even if you know your client is up really early or late doesn’t mean you should be communicating at that time. I tend to use 9 am to 8 pm as my threshold personally and professionally to hopefully not wake someone.


  • Create templates that you can personalize for common communication you would use in your texts or emails. This will help you save time and help prevent typos. These can be stored in your phone in the notes section or on your computer or both.


  • Have a booking system so your clients can just book when they think of it. Many times, a booking system will also incorporate other tools like a confirmation email or text and reminder email and texts. Make sure to properly set these tools up, giving your clients the info they need to know: directions, parking, expectations, prep, etc…


  • Have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on your website to help clients find information. Things you may want to include would be very thorough directions to your location, parking, hours of operation, how to book, what to expect at an appointment, any prep or aftercare to their appointments, forms of payment accepted, any additional helpful information.


  • If you are a solo practitioner and don’t have a receptionist, let your clients know that on the message that you are with clients, to please leave a message and that you will get back to them asap. Also, make sure you mention these resources above on your voicemail. Help them help themselves. This will reduce frustration and confusion for your clients and save you time.


These steps may take a little time to set up initially. However, in the long run your clients will be informed and prepared and this will save you time and frustration.


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