Are You Prepared for Your Safety?

Are You Prepared for Your Safety?

Last week I shared a video on our Facebook page of a hairstylist waiting for her client. If you haven’t seen it, while it is unsettling to watch I think there is value in watching the interaction. Here is a link to our post.

To fill you in a little this stylist happens to have a surveillance camera pointed towards her entrance and it captures everything. This man walks in and starts talking to her. It’s a super strange interaction. I first thought perhaps he was harmless and just a little different, possibly has a mental health condition that makes him a bit socially different. He is touching her arms and having her do movements and repeating things to him. He then starts talking to her in Spanish, fortunately she is fluent, but the conversation started in English. It gets weirder. I am surprised she goes along with it. Maybe she was thinking in her head how do I turn this around or knowing her client is coming any moment put her at ease. Spoiler alert the client and client’s child do come and the man leaves. During his interaction with the stylist, he had set his phone down and during the interruption of the client arriving he forgets his phone. The client and stylist look in his phone and find some disturbing searches. Again, watching it and hearing this are two different things. I encourage you to watch this video through the end.

I bring this to your attention because I am encouraging you to see this and think this through. I by no means want you to live your life in fear. However, thinking scenarios through like this can make you more prepared for any type of similar interaction that may happen in your life.

Thank goodness the client was not a no show that day. I feel this situation could have gone very badly. While this is not my expertise, I would just like to suggest a few things here.

Always be aware of your surroundings.

Trust your gut.

Take control of a situation. The sooner you do, the less likely it will transpire badly. Things can change quickly.

Think through a scenario like this and think what would you do. I can’t speak for you, but in my childhood, we practiced semi regularly the three most likely tragic things that could happen in our lives – being approached by a stranger – they had to have a passcode otherwise scream and run, we practiced at home and school where we would go and the position for a tornado and fire. Practice and preparedness will make you less likely to panic (or as much) and could save your life.

Consider taking a safety techniques or self-defense class. Consider having a self-defense weapon in your room or purse. Be sure to know the laws in your area but some options would be mace / pepper spray or a stun gun / taser. If in a situation without a self-defense weapon consider your options – what could you throw at someone – wax pot, lamp, etc…

I know this is a heavy and hard topic, but it is important to have consider how you will protect yourself. I like to think of preparedness can be a type of assurance that I won’t need the knowledge. I hope these tips help and I hope you take it seriously. Please share this blog post with your fellow beauty and wellness professionals. It may just save a life. Be safe friends!

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